Starring: Rahul Rai, Stefanie Estes & Freishia Bomanbehram

Directed by: Nayan Padrai

By Lloyd Carroll

“When Harry Tries To Marry” (not to be confused with the iconic “When Harry Met Sally”) is a likable low-budget indie flick that nicely blends American and South Asian cultures and mores.

Harish, a.k.a. Harry (Rahul Rai) is about to graduate from an unnamed Brooklyn college with a degree in architectural engineering. In a role reversal, it is Harry who believes in arranged marriages while his parents, now divorced, married for “love.” To avoid the bitterness that has consumed his folks, Harry is determined to marry the very attractive Nita (Freishia Bomanbehram), an Indian engineering student a week after he picks up his sheepskin. The two communicate nightly via Skype so Harry knows that his future wife is clearly not a dog.

Things get a bit complicated when he meets Theresa (Stefanie Estes), a very tall and beautiful girl in his sociology class, who is intrigued by his old-fashioned view of romance and by his ability to resist her many charms. The two hit it off and Harry is well aware that he now has a dilemma.

“When Harry Tries To Marry” is a pleasant film that doesn’t overstay its welcome by coming in at 93 minutes. The lead actors are all likable and appear to be destined for bigger budget films. Caitlin Gold and Osvaldo Hernandez Chavez nicely play the obligatory best friend second banana roles while veteran Bollywood actor Tony Mirrcandani steals the film as Dev, Harry’s playboy dad who actually sounds quite a bit like the late Penthouse Magazine founder Bob Guccione.

Even though this movie deals with India social life, and a portion of “When Harry Tries To Marry” was filmed there, director Nayan Padrai grew up in Queens while Rahul Rai is from Jericho so there is a New York sensibility here.

Frankly this is a better romantic comedy than what most of the big studios crank out these days. Jennifer Aniston could learn a thing or two from watching this film.

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