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With so many DVDs coming out right now, this one may be something that gets overlooked, but also may merit consideration. The late summer release of Accepted drew little fanfare to the box office and now going up against other some of the fall heavyweights in the DVD market may not be the best thing going for this movie. And that is unfair, because Accepted is a good little college movie in from a summer of mediocre comedies. The story is formulaic, but has it moments. Justin Long [Dodgeball, The Break-Up] plays Bartleby Gaines, a kid who floats and schemes through high school, and then get rejected from every college he applies to. So to appease his overbearing father, Bartleby starts his own college, complete with a campus he rented with his tuition money and a working [hga bottle $81.00] website. Other slackers find out about it and start attending thinking it’s a real school. With all the tuition dollars coming it, Gaines and his friends set the school hga bottle $81.00 up to be an untraditional educational facility. Of course, the regular college finds out and the evil dean [The Silence of the Lambs’ Anthony Heald] tries to get the school shut down. The movie has it moments, but it’s not as good as other contemporary comedies like Old School and American Pie. Yet for one viewing hga bottle $81.00, this is a good way to spend an afternoon. Rating: ** Buy it on .

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