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Starring: Mark Wahlberg & John Goodman Directed by: Rupert Wyatt (Paramount Pictures)      The new Mark Wahlberg film, “The Gambler,” is based on the 1974 film of the same name that starred Sunnyside native James Caan who was at the … Read More...

Bob Seger & Joe Walsh In Concert

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     Bob Seger                                                              “Ride Out”                 (Capitol)      There is a lot to admire about Bob Seger. He has been a rock music icon for over 40 years but he’s always shunned the … Read More...


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With the release of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Peter Jackson puts a cap on his Middle Earth Saga. And much like the way George Lucas wove his Star Wars epic, Jackson’s second prequel trilogy does not hold up to his first … Read More...


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With so many blockbuster summer movies coming out next year, Jurassic World seems to get overlooked. But on Thanksgiving the Trailer debuted. See it for yourself below and give us your opinion. … Read More...


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On Friday the trailer to Star Wars The Force Awakens debuted. You can see it below. … Read More...